We prepare young children to become lifelong readers by coaching their parents to read with them.


We partner with preschools and kindergartens in underserved Los Angeles communities by providing workshops filled with easy-to-implement tips and hands-on training. We make home reading easier by distributing age-appropriate books to families and donating lending libraries to classrooms. By involving parents in their children's literacy development, we pave the way for future reading which ultimately aids educational success.



Why Our Techniques Work


The Ready, Set, Read! workshop is the culmination of years of research and hands-on experience. During a workshop, parents are taught the dialogic reading method for reading with their children.

Dialogic reading is based upon three main techniques - asking "what" questions, open-ended questions, then expanding upon what the child says. This method fosters critical thinking and language skills that will serve the child for years to come.

You can learn more about the proven effectiveness of our methods here.


After attending one of our workshops:

Have books you'd like to donate? Please send an email to deb@readysetread.org



Where we serve

We're proud to partner with the Los Angeles community by working with families and teachers in over 250 schools and counting.


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