Helping Families Read Together

Ready, Set, Read!  prepares young children to become lifelong readers by training their parents to read to them. Partnering with preschools and kindergartens in underserved Los Angeles communities, we provide workshops filled with easy-to-implement tips and hands-on training. We make home reading easier by distributing age-appropriate books to families and donating lending libraries to classrooms. By involving parents in their children’s literacy development, we pave the way for future reading and educational success.

Throughout many of his messages to America, President Barack Obama has spoken decisively about a topic that is fundamental to our children and the success of future generations: education in the home environment and parent involvement.

As research studies have proven several times over, when young children read more at home and receive more educational involvement from their parents, they become better equipped for school and are much more likely to succeed in life.

President Obama has said, “Responsibility for our children’s success doesn’t start in Washington – it starts in our homes. No education policy can replace who is involved in their child’s education from day one, who makes  sure that children are in school on time, who helps them with their homework and attends those parent-teacher conferences. No government program can turn off the TV set or put away the video games or read to your children.”

Watch our Case For Support

Since 2000:

  • We have taught 39,000 parents to read to their children.
  • We have worked with teachers in over 225 schools.
  • We have donated 18,000 books to classroom lending libraries putting books in easy reach of children and their parents.

Upcoming Workshops Include:

February 25th: Grant Early Education Center, Hollywood

February 26th: Trinity Early Education Center, Los Angeles

February 27th: Martha Escutia Primary Center, Bell

March 10th: King Elementary, Compton

March 10th: Vaughn Early Education Center, Pacoima

March 17th: Anderson Elementary, Compton

March 25th: Holmes Early Education Center, Los Angeles

March 26th: The Accelerated School, Los Angeles

Do you want to learn more about how to read more often and more effectively with your child?  Please join us at a workshop! Contact us for additional information or if  you are interested in having Ready, Set, Read! come to your school.